As a math author and educator, David has traveled the world speaking to children, teachers and parents, and he’s learned that it only takes a moment to find mathematical learning opportunities and make math meaningful. There is no need to sign up for one more activity. The math is there, waiting to be found and enjoyed at home, in the store, at the park, in sports, on trips, in museums, zoos and nature centers – just about everywhere you go with your family.

David’s Math Moments™ columns have appeared in parenting magazines nationwide. They explore the many ways that parents and children can include math in everyday family life. Sports, cooking, museums, zoos, crafts, driving in the car, projects around the home… the possibilities are as unlimited as the activities families do together.

You can send David your family’s own “math moments”! With your permission, David will publish your stories and pictures in his blog, “A Million Ways to Do Math.”

Here are the Math Moments™ columns that have appeared in parenting magazines nationwide. David hopes they will encourage you to find and enjoy the everyday math that your family encounters. It only takes a moment!