David loves to hear about ways that parents use math with their children at home and on family outings. David calls these “Math Moments“. He collects stories and photographs of families enjoying math and writes about them in his regular Math Moments™ column, published here and on other education and parenting websites.

MathMomentslogoMath Moments™ will encourage you to find the math in everyday family activities sports, shopping, hobbies, cooking, travel, games, gardening, art, outings (including zoos, museums, aquariums, parks) and more. See David’s Math Moments below.

David wants to hear about how your family uses math in everyday life. With your permission, he may add your family’s “math moment” (and pictures, if you provide some) to his new website feature, “A  Million Ways To Do Math.”  If he writes a book that includes your submission, he will send you a copy — signed, of course! For information and release forms, go to “A Million Ways To
Do Math”.

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