Here’s what they are saying about David and his presentations for children. . .

Teachers and School Librarians:

David’s effect on the children was electric. I have never seen kids so excited about math!
— Debbie Rhines, 3rd grade teacher, Armstrong Elementary School, Dallas, TX

“The best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot!”
— Lindy King, 3rd grade teacher, Bacich Elementary School, Kentfield, CA

David was fantastic in every way! Everyone from students (1st to 8th grade) to faculty was thrilled, even some of the very hard-to-please ones! I highly recommend him.
– Cynthia Millman, Librarian, The Town School, New York, NY

The kids still talk about you, months later. Your visit definitely has had lasting power!
— Carolyn White, Lower School Librarian, International School of Paris, France

“David Schwartz put his magical storytelling abilities to work in his marvelous math presentation. He captivated all our children and engaged them throughout his dynamic performance. My second graders were utterly spellbound when David taught them place value! Can you imagine?”
—Judy Baker, 2nd grade teacher, Browns Valley Elementary School, Vacaville, CA

I am getting so many compliments on having chosen YOU to be our guest author. Thanks for WOWing our students and staff. . . and parents!
— Angie Boles, Reading Specialist, Grayhawk Elementary School, Scottsdale, AZ

“What a dynamo! Totally engaging. To say David is an author doesn’t really encompass his wonderful ability to teach.”
— Jeanne Pfeiffer, Reading Specialist, Longfellow Elementary School, Sheboygan, WI

“The accolades were unanimous – from parents, children and teachers. We all loved your presentations.”
— Nancy Jordan, Lower School Math Coordinator, Porter Gaud Episcopal School, Charleston, SC

Thank you for bringing the fascination of numbers to us. It was a great way to connect with a wide range of students who don’t always relate to reading “traditional” books.
— Michelle McCarthy, Librarian, Trinity Episcopal School, New Orleans, LA

Is there such a word as “ignation” (igniting imaginations)? If so, it applies to you and your talks.
— Lona Sepessy, Teacher Librarian, Sunrise Elementary School, Redomond, WA

Thanks David, for a week of great presentations. We are still getting comments from students and teachers from K through 8th grade about the wonderful things you told us and the many ways you delighted us. We hope you keep on amazing your audiences wherever you go.
— Kirk Palmer, Lower School Librarian, Singapore American School, Singapore

I looked at my math students while you were speaking, and I thought, ‘They had better be making major connections. Major.’ Because everything you said was about everything we are doing.
— Arlene Hernandez, 6th grade math teacher, Thunderbolt Elementary School, Fleming Island, FL

That was SO interesting! They’ll never forget exponents!
— Leena Kakhyani, 4th grade teacher, International School of Panama, Panama City, Panama

“The students of Robinson, Texas, are all still talking about it. Most of them remember in detail what they learned from you. Thank you for sharing your love of math and books, and tying the two together.”
— Shelli Sellers, 4th grade teacher, Robinson Intermediate School, Robinson, TX

“David Schwartz’s visit to our school put the kids into high-gear math mode for days. His love and enthusiasm for numbers was contagious.”
— Penny Glackman, 5th grade teacher, Merion Elementary, Lower Merion, PA

“The best author presentation I’ve seen in 15 years. I especially appreciated the way you involved the students and the high standards you set for them.”
— Bryna Levi, 4th grade Language Arts teacher, Shlenker School, Houston, TX

You were wonderful both personally and professionally, with students and staff still coming to report those magical moments in life when new knowledge (from you) suddenly starts appearing everywhere in conversation, in reading, etc.
— Julie Dimock, Librarian, Jones Elementary School, Greensboro, NC

It was a wonderful week for us, and the teachers and students are still raving about the energy that your visit generated — thanks so much!
— Michelle Rinker, Librarian, International School of Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Thank you for a wonderful day with an incredible author who really gets kids thinking about the world around them. . .  It is so great for kids to hear an author who asks as many questions as they do!
— Jeanne Casella, Principal, Mary E. Silveira Elementary School, San Rafael, CA

All the teachers were talking about you at lunch today, and it was unanimous: your author presentations were the best we’ve ever had — we’ve many very good ones but none as inspirational and educational and funny as yours!
— Lisa Nazim, 1st grade teacher, International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Some of the topics you covered in your presentation were on our (standardized) tests this week! We should look pretty sharp, don’t you think?
— Sharon Haworth, Math/Science Learning Strategist, Grant Bowler Elementary School, Logandale, NV

We all really enjoyed your visit. It is very hard to please everyone but your enthusiasm sure did. The teachers, administrators, students and moms were all talking you up. I will most certainly recommend you to other librarians and schools.
— Leslie Hemenway, Librarian, The Fay School, Houston, TX

The school is still buzzing about your presentations! You captivated everyone, filling the children with excitement about math, numbers and Super Grandpa! Teachers were also impressed at how you varied your presentations so all grade levels (K-5) could benefit from them.
—  Kathleen Wiegartner, 1st grade teacher (and Author’s Day coordinator), Mackay Elementary School, Tenafly, NJ

A bazillion thanks for putting on such an amazing show! I still can’t get over how much energy and enthusiasm you packed into each program. No wonder the kids were so charged up. You were amazing!
— Pat Timko, Children’s Librarian, Maryville Pub. Library/Maryville  Elem. School, Maryville, WA

The children are still talking about your visit and your books are never on the shelves!! You were wonderful and truly the best visiting author we have ever had.
— Deborah Nauck, Librarian, Rockenbaugh Elementary School, Southlake, TX (coordinator for my eight days in the district)

I’m so excited about the way my third graders are embracing the wonders of math after seeing you… Having you come to my school was as exciting for me as it was for my class.
— Jan Ernst, 3rd grade teacher, Broad View Elementary School, Oak Harbor, WA

I’ve had so many positive comments — “best assembly ever,” “great,” “kids loved it.”
— Rae Ann Weymouth, Librarian, Lawton Elementary, Ann Arbor, MI

We’ve had you three times and you NEVER cease to make scientific and mathematical thinking come to life and so comprehensible and fun to students.  I also appreciate your reinforcing the inter-connectedness of the disciplines . . . all while demonstrating great teaching strategies!
— Wanny Hersey, Principal, Bullis Charter School, Mountain View, CA

I was amazed at how excited and motivated my kids were to read, write and do math after they heard your talk.
— Christina Bolinger, Kindergarten-First Grade Teacher, Badger Road Elementary, North Pole, AK

Your dynamic presentation made the unthinkable thinkable! The students are still buzzing about it. Math has never been more fun! How soon can you come back?
— Connie Healey, 4th-5th grade teacher, Arnold Elementary School, Lincoln, NE

I have heard nothing but rave reviews from the teachers and students. You have such a talent for explaining complex ideas in an entertaining way.
— Jean Collonge, Head Librarian, St. Andrew’s School, Saratoga, CA

Your ears must be burning because the teachers here have been raving about you. You got the students to think!  The head of the middle school’s Math Department says she didn’t realize how perfect picture books can be for middle school students!
— Doris Baron, Librarian, St. Martin’s Episcopal School, New Orleans, LA

After two weeks, I continue to hear GREAT comments about your performances! Thank you for making ME feel so successful!
— Cary Kelly, Lower School Librarian, Sacramento Country Day School, Sacramento, CA

Thank you for your fabulous presentations at Addison! Everyone enjoyed it so much. One parent who observed said,
“He really has them eating out of the palm of his hand” — no small feat with modern kids!
— Lucinda Abbott, Librarian, Addison Elementary School, Palo Alto, CA


“It was one of the most exciting and beneficial days that I can remember in all of my 25 years of experience. For an outsider to come in and grab his audience’s attention the way he did was truly amazing!”
— Cynthia Young, Principal, Carver Elementary, Florence, SC

“David managed to integrate math, science and literature in a fact-filled, fun-filled extravaganza. His contagious energy and love for the subject matter inspired students and staff alike.”
— Dale Porter, Principal, Ponderosa Elementary School, Paradise, CA

“I have never seen a presenter who was so educational AND entertaining. With the emphasis in our schools on STEM and the Common Core Standards, which you tied to beautifully, I would say it was a home run!”
— Chuck Thibideau, Principal, Breen Elementary School, Rocklin, CA

“Mr. Schwartz touched the lives of each child as he varied the presentations to meet the needs of the age groups…(he) kept the children on the edge of their seats. It was clear to me that Mr. Schwartz is a master teacher, keenly aware of what constitutes involved, solid instruction.”
— Loren C. Grossi, Principal, Santa Rita Elementary School, Salinas, CA


“You were really inspiring to the children. While I got numerous comments about how well the day went, one mom called to tell me that her son had said it was his best day of school EVER! I don’t think it gets much better than that!”
— Barbara Siegel, Literature Appreciation Day Coordinator, Half Day Elementary School, Lincolnshire, IL

“I just happened to be at my children’s school the day you came to visit. Thank you for such a fun way to talk about math. I could see the excitement of the kids and I learned a few things myself. Keep up the good work inspiring children and the adults in their lives!”
— Heather Fry, parent, J.W. Webb Elementary School, McKinney, TX

“The students and teachers just loved it. Watching you and the amount of energy you put out during that hour, I don’t know how you do three a day. It was a gift to our school.”
— Jodi Gable, parent, Somerset Elementary, Bellevue, WA

“You are the talk of the playground!”
— Monica Wilcox, Home-School Club Coordinator, Quail Hollow Elementary, Ben Lemond, CA


It was amazing! I never looked at math in such a fun way before.
— AI, 7th grader, Kyoto International School, Japan

I really hope you’ll come back again to show us more. You got me so fascinated!
— Shira, 4th grader, Tehiya Jewish Day School, El Cerrito, CA

I think you made me smarter. Almost everything you said I didn’t know. You made me really smarter, Mr. Schwartz, really smarter.
— RJ, 4th grader, East Marion Elementary School, East Marion, FL

I thought your presentation was very interesting and totally gave me a new way of looking at things… Keep on writing about cool stuff.
— Alex, 7th Grader, St. Aloysius School, Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you for the best day of my life.
— Foster, 3rd grader, Ormondale Elementary School, Portola Valley, CA

You gave us a lot of knowledge on science, math and books and showed us how they go together.
— Georgina, 5th Grader, Henry S. Kite Elementary, Jacksonville, FL

I never thought math could be fun until you showed up.
— Andrew, 5th Grader, Jones Elementary School, Greensboro, NC

I really enjoyed your amazing presentation. Your work really inspired me into reading and writing more.
— Julia, 3rd grader, Locust Valley Intermediate School, Locust Valley, NY

At first, I really didn’t care about numbers, but now I do! You made me change my mind.
— Jamie, 4th grader, Carmel del Mar Elementary, San Diego, CA

I thought it was an AMAZING assembly. Everyone said it was the best assembly yet! I thought so too. It was funny, and actually educational.
— Jeron, 5th grader, Graystone Elementary School, San Jose, CA

Hey David you rocked at my school. Well, keep making the great books.
— P.D., 5th grader, Martin Luther King Elementary School, Hanford, CA

Today during your assembly I really wanted to stand up and cheer for you but I thought it might be embarrassing.
— Tara, 2nd grader, Hudson PEP School, Longview, TX

For the first time, I enjoyed learning math…it is much more interesting than solving questions from a math book!
— SW, 7th grader, Kyoto International School, Japan

Once I heard the first 5 words come out of your mouth I was so interested that I wanted to hear everything you talked about.
— Tyler, 5th grader, New Lane Elementary School, Selden, NY

Letter on painted, multi-colored paper: These are the colors of thinking. Which you really make me do. You made me think of math a whole different way. Thank you sooooooooooooo much.
— Molly, 3rd Grader, Lancaster Country Day School, Lancaster, PA