The ‘Ambassador for Math’ helps children make connections between math and their world. Here they explore the concept of proportion by ‘swallowing like a snake’, as in “If You Hopped Like a Frog.”

Thrill Them with Math & Science

With the same energy, clarity and humor he uses in his books, David wows audiences at schools, libraries, and conferences. He travels the world as an “Ambassador for Math”. An accomplished storyteller and an innovator in presenting mathematical information in entertaining ways, he connects math and science with literature and daily life. Audiences laugh, learn and even scream with delight. Whether he is speaking to children, teachers, administrators or parents, David provides large doses of information and inspiration.

*NOTE: this phrase was used by Prof. Susan Turkel of Queens College in New York City.

David has a brochure describing his presentations. Please contact David, and he will be happy to send you one or more upon request.